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About Us!

Mythica Records ™   
Record Label, Bookings Agency & Digital Distributor based in The Netherlands. In the past we only released albums with the genre, Hardstyle.

We decided trying to reach a larger target group. So, from now on Dance, House, Hiphop, etc. (all music that fits the name Electronic Dance Music (EDM), is more than welcome.

Because of the extensions we have decided to give each genre its own label with a corresponding name.

What people say about us

Mythica Records continues to surprise me. In 2011 the label made a restart and was doing very well for a year. Unfortunately I heard in the corridors that it was going to stop. Eternal sin if you ask me!

Fortunately, Mythica Records is now active again and with the services they offer it will probably be a success!

Sander de Groot - Mythica Records Fan & Member