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Distribution - How it Works?

1Create an Account & Buy Credits. For a single release u need to have 1000 credits available in your account.

Buy Credits: Click Here

2Upload Your Album, EP or Single Release Cover(s) with the Cover Requirements. For Example:


3Upload Your Album, EP or Single Release Audio file(s) with the Audio Requirements. For Example:


4Everything checked and meets the requirements? Then your are ready! Compleet Order

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What Services Do We Offer?
As well as digital distribution to World-leading digital music services, we provide an additional range of services that can help maximise your release. Click here for a list of what we can offer.
What are Royalties?
The term royalties refers to the payment of a fee for the use of other people's rights. Examples of such rights are copyright, portrait rights, neighboring rights and the ownership or right to use certain brand names or logos.

Some concrete examples where paying royalties may be needed:

The licensing of products under a certain name (such as merchandising)
The use of the image of a specific person (photo or video)
The use of the photo of a certain photographer
Republishing texts to the extent that this goes beyond a quote (such as articles or entire books)
Performing a piece of music or using the melody and / or lyrics of an existing music track
If no fee has to be paid for the use of certain rights or properties, these are royalty-free. Certain conditions can be imposed on this, such as obtaining permission in advance or stating the origin and / or owner.
Do i Keep All My Rights?
Yes! You grant Mythica Records a non-exclusive license to distribute your release(s) to the retailers you select.
How Do I Get Paid?
We have built a credit system that allows you to process payments and withdrawals. Royalty payouts can be paid from 1000 Credits or € 37.50 euros.
How Much Will I Earn?
We will pass on to you 100% of what we receive from each retailer for sales & streams of your music.

You can see a guideline to each service and its royalty rates when adding a release to your account, by clicking the ‘more information’ link on the ‘Add Contracts’ page. (Online soon)
What If I Need Help With My Account?
We’re here to help you whenever you should need it. You will be assigned a named account manager, who will be in touch by e-mail shortly after you create your account.

We are available via e-mail and the live chat server on our website. Our general contact information is at the menu of the website.

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