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DJ Aphobia also known as Roy Mulder is a dutch DJ/Producer in de Harddance scene. He is 33 years old and born in Purmerend, The Netherlands. He released several tracks on the label and performed at some major stages.

His passion for Hardstyle music start around 1998. With the age of 11 he listen to "happy hardcore" and came in touch with Hardstyle. At the moment better known as "Early Hardstyle". After hearing this music he really knows what kind of music he love the most. With an age of 16 he visit his first big Dance Event in the RAI te Amsterdam. The name of the event, In Qontrol. Organised by: Q-Dance. A night to never forgot!

After visit in Qontrol he went to almost every big event that Q-Dance and other major organisations organised. Think about: Defqon1, Qlimax, Mysteryland, Q-base, Qapital, Qrimte Time, X-Qlusive, and many more. When he was around 18 years old, Hardstyle completely taking over his heart/mind. Day in and day out everything revolved around Hardstyle. Especially becoming a Hardstyle Artist.

His dream? To play his favorite music for such a large audience. So, there was only one opportunity! Teach to spin records. He bought his first vinyl turntables (Belt-Drives), Bought every month new vinyl's and teach almost every day. (OH YEAH!!! He make his parents & sister crazy that time) After a year he became better and better and people started to recognize him and different organisations ask him to perform on their events. After a lot performances it was not enough, so he started producing his own tracks.